7 Mind-blowing Statistics About YouTube

Whether you’re an expert from a YouTube marketing agency or brand new to creating YouTube videos, we think these YouTube statistics will be very interesting! We believe YouTube can be a fantastic platform for creating videos and YouTube traffic ranks amongst some of the best quality traffic from all social media platforms. You should have a solid YouTube strategy if you do any form of video advertising or paid advertising with YouTube video ads.

YouTube By User Demographics

What’s the most popular age demographic on YouTube? YouTube is most popular with those aged 15-25 and 26-35, with 77% of each demographic using the platform. Over 70% of people under 55 use the platform with 73% of those 36-45, 70% of those 46-55, and 67% of those 56+ watch YouTube.

India Has Double The Number of U.S. Users

America has over 240 million YouTube users but that’s almost half of the Indian YouTube users with 467 million – make sure you factor this into your target audience if you’re running YouTube advertising!

Youtube’s Most-Viewed Video

The most viewed video on YouTube of all time is “Baby Shark Dance” with over 13 billion views. Music and nursery rhymes proved incredibly popular on the platform with “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi featuring Daddy Yankee, receiving 8.28 billion views and third place, “Johny Johny Yes Papa” by LooLoo Kids, achieving 6.82 billion views in third place.

YouTube has Explosive Revenue Growth

In 2011, YouTube had a ‘measly’ revenue of only $ 1.3 billion (USD) but by 2021 it had increased 21x to $28.8 billion (USD). The figure is even more impressive when you consider that in 2020, revenue was under $20 billion! That means an almost 50% increase from 2020 to 2021.

YouTube’s Top Earner

Whilst YouTube made record-breaking revenue in 2021, which of its video content creators made the most revenue from the platform? You can probably guess, and you’ve probably seen his YouTube content before, it’s Mr. Beast. Jimmy (Mr. Beast’s real name) made over $54 million in 2021, according to TechJury. This is mainly down to his video creation rather than any specific type of YouTube SEO.

YouTube Purchasing Influence

The influence of YouTube on consumer purchasing decisions is quite significant. According to a source from Keystar Agency, approximately 70% of YouTube viewers have purchased a product after seeing a brand on YouTube. This statistic underscores YouTube’s impact as not just a platform for entertainment and information but also as a powerful medium for brand exposure and marketing. This is particularly noteworthy because YouTube is recognized as the world’s second-largest search engine, providing ample opportunities for brands to optimize their video content for maximum impact.

YouTube Has High Trust Levels

According to research by Notta, many people trust content on YouTube. Around 68% believe in videos and posts by regular users and the same number trust consumer reviews on the platform. Sponsored content (not YouTube ads), and influencer posts are also trusted by 61% of viewers. Additionally, 50% of people trust YouTube ads more than those on other platforms. These statistics highlight YouTube’s credibility among its users.

We hope that these statistics help you with the questions you’re trying to answer for your video marketing services, YouTube ad campaigns or video marketing agency.

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